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This page was last updated: May 22, 2018
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"THE SPIRIT OF RACING"            Est. 1999
2018 - 19th season of Super Cup Racing
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Over 19 years of inside car shows promoting the series,  partners, racetracks, drivers and the best Super Cup Racing. 

Competitive-Safe-Affordable Racing 
American Super Cups  Racing Series

Four Wide racing in turn 1 at Dell's Raceway Park          Not even a tire mark was exchanged!
This is how we Roll - 2015 Season Video 

The Nations Premier Super Cup Racing Series

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2017-Paint! What do you have for 2018

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Local short track favorite in front of packed house. 

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Name:           Mike Rose                                

Current Age:  14                                                                               Been racing since:    11 years old

 Been racing in American Super Cup Racing Series since:      2015   

Past Racing:      Super Cups Only                                        Currently race:    #01 Thunderbird     

Years that you drove Super Cup:     2015 to present

Favorite Super Cup track:   Slinger Speedway - love the banking

Favorite Driver and why - Jeff Gordon - Let's face it he's awesome 

Achievements in racing:  2015 finished 9th, 2016 finished 7th  

Current Sponsors:     Color Creations, Untouchable, McCardles Car Care, Richfield Service, Sticky Boyz

Most proud moment of Super Cup Racing:   Finished 7th in the 2016 season

Funniest moment in Super Cup Racing:  Getting stuck in traffic with full size cars and our open trailer

Goal in racing:  Have fun, make friends and sometime claim the traveling trophy 

In my spare time I like to: Play the piano and trumpet.  Being part of Boy Scout Troop

Favorites:  Cartoon:     Gravity Falls                                   Food:    Mom's Meat loaf

Music:   Little bit of everything                                            Drink:   Milk 

Movie:    Smokie and the Bandit                                           Sport:    Racing

Actor:         Paul Walker                                                        Travel Spot:    Northern Wisconsin

​Song to introduce you to the fans - Going the Distance - Cake

Inspirational thoughts to future drivers about Super Cup Racing and what the provide to drivers.

- The cars are small , fast and fun.
- Everyone in the series is nice and willing to help if needed

Other Comments about Super Cup Racing - JUST DO IT!  Don't let your dreams be dreams.  "Yesterday you said tomorrow" - Shia Labeouf

Interested in racing -Now is the time!  

2018 is already our largest rookie class in Super Cup racing history 

More cars, tracks and laps - Join the fun!

We have access to over 25 cars that are sitting in garages throughout the Midwest and are ready for you.  Cars start at $2,500.00 

Give us a call and we can set you up to get you out on the track!  

    Call 312-350-5566  or

Get out on the track with the most affordable and fun racing 

Need the best Hy-Tec Synthetic lubricant you can use to you into victory lane  Contact Greg Davis driver of the #8 American Super Cup Series racecar our AMSOIL independent dealer at the track & series partner   
A lap with a American Super Cup Racing Driver

Driver profile  - MIKE ROSE
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Awesome Partners - Awesome Opportunities 

Time is almost up to win a FiTech Go EFI 4 System From our friends at 

Golden Sands Speedway 
Memorial Day Monday - May 28th
Dick Trickle 99 Race Event

Your racetrack weather girl is showing a high of 84 degrees with that big yellow beautiful thing in the sky!!!!! 

We will open pit gates at 9 am!! Fan gates open at 11, Qualifying beings at 12:30 with racing at 2!!! But not only will we have, American Super Cups, Super Lates! Trucks and Vintage are racing too!!!!! 
Admission is $15.00 for adults, $12.00 for Seniors $8.00 for kids 6-12, 5 and under are FREE!!!

Spring Racing has Started!  Racing gets the Win!

A perfect day for racing at Slinger Speedway and American Super Cups delivered.  

Congratulations to all the drivers racing hard and taking the excitement level up to midseason form. 

Payton Glodowski captures his first American Super Cups Pole, heat and feature win.  David Cerer also captured a heat race win on Sunday

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