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This page was last updated: July 1, 2015
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Quest for the cup 

Who will be the next Champion?

2015 Race Winners 
from Rockford Speedway, June  6, 2015

#31 Mick Ellis with a Heat and a feature race win

2015 Race Winners 
from Slinger Speedway, June 21, 2015
#20 Derek Doerr 
 Heat Race & Feature Race

2015 Rookie Of The Year contenders

Kaitlyn Judy - 16 Year old from Darien Illinois. 2014 Karting Champion making the step to Super Cup Racing.  Ambitious and ready to go.

Michael Rose - 11 Year old form Grafton, Wisconsin  - Just getting started in racing.  Getting seat time and learning.  Has a family that spends weekends at the track already with his older brother. 

Chris Deren - 40 year old from Appleton, Wisconsin.  Chris is just getting back into racing and super excited to be back on the track.  

More details on a few more drivers coming soon.

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Andy Forester spending some time with fans and handing out Pajedas Chips
Derek Doerr letting potential future drivers sit in his racing machine and handing out driver cards.
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Name:                                Kaitlyn Judy

Current Age:                      16

Been racing since                7 years old 

Raced                                 Go Kart, legends, late models, jr. dragsters

Currently race:                     Super Cups

Years that you drove Super Cup:     2015 - Rookie Season

Favorite driver or drivers:    Jim Hall and Lynn St. James

Achievements in racing:      2014 double champion (karting), 2013 top 5 overall finish                                             (karting), 2013 1st place finisher in inaugural backwards race (karting)

Current Sponsors:               Lucas Oil, Pit Posse, K1 Race Gear, NecksGen, Steve Thomas Racing,                                             Powertank, Kubis Auto Body, Hooker Harness, GoPro, High Speed                                             Welding, Lube Man Mark, O’Neil Family, Reyez Family 

Most proud moment of super cup racing:     Yet to come

Goal in racing:                   2015 Rookie of the Year, 2015 Overall top 10 finish

In my spare time:               I like to do shaolin kung fu, and painting

American Super Cups – Rockford Speedway Race Results – Press ReleaseJune 6, 2015

American Super Cups made our first appearance at Rockford Speedway for 2015 with an awesome night of racing. This was a night of racing for the kids and race fans. As usual everyone enjoyed the evening. We have had two different winners so far this year in our feature races and each race has come down to a photo finish. 

 The evening started off with Derek Doerr getting the pole position followed by Andy Forster and Greg Davis who had his best ever qualifying effort.

The heat race started with Ken Jones on the pole with the invert and Mick Ellis on the outside. When the green flag dropped the two drivers crossed the start line together and the upper groove line was moving Mick, Andy and Derek stayed in line and pulled into a single file line and followed each other while making eight closely contended laps for the heat race. They finished in that same order with Ken and rookie Chris Deren rounding out the top five.

The track lights came on for our 20 lap feature and the race cars bought fans to their feet again as some of the same drivers battled again for positions. Mick narrowly pulled off the win, Derek and Andy battled behind and Derek narrowly gained the second place position coming out of turn 4. Ken was not too far behind. Rookie Chris Deren, Greg Davis and Rookie Kaitlyn Judy tightly packed together for the 20 laps running side by side did a great job proving American Super Cups is still the most competitive super cup racing.

A big thanks to all the drivers for clean competitive racing and to Brian Baldyga for helping assist with tech inspections for the evening. We also had the opportunity to catch up with past Super Cup drivers Brandon Scurto and Tim Toussaint who came on down afterwards to reminisce and maybe get back into a car.  

After our racing was completed drivers became fans at the track. Late Models and School bus races were equally as competitive. Always a good night when school busses go 4 wide in the corner and gets a little tippy. After the racing was completed we kids and adults mobbed the cars in the pits talking with drivers, sitting in cars and getting autographs.

Anyone interested in getting involved with American Super Cup Racing can contact us at our website - Phone - 312-350-5566 or email - We have new and used race cars available for sale. A nightly rental car program is also available.

Up next June 21st for Father’s Day we return to Slinger Speedway high banks to see who can be the next winner

American Super Cups – Slinger Speedway Race Results – Press ReleaseJune 21, 2015

American Super Cup racing series returned to Slinger Speedway for the second time in 2015 on this wonderful Sunday afternoon. With the weather not being an issue the stands quickly filled up to see the best Super Cup Racing. 

 This evening was special for many reasons – the schools are closed for summer and it was scout night at the track. All uniformed scouts received free admission to the track and were able to see fellow American Super Cup Driver/Scout Michael Rose compete in his first Super Cup Race. Michael’s older brother already competes in the Slinger Bee Racing class. “There are a lot of lessons that I take from scouting into the racecar every week” said Rose “Work Hard, do your best and have fun with it is how I approach racing”  

Today was also Father’s Day. Driver’s that are fathers, drivers with fathers and families all were able to spend an awesome day at the track. We have had 3 different winners so far this season who would bust through or who would be our first repeat winner in 2015?

The qualifying session opened up and Derek Doerr continues to impress with a pole position. Derek just barely edged out Andy Forster and Mick Ellis for those valuable pole position points. 

 In the heat race drivers paced to the starting line in a nice pack and provided the crowd with close side by side, nose to tail racing. In the end Derek was able to pull off the heat race win, followed by Andy and Rookie contender Chris Deren. This was Chris’s first race on the pole to lead a race and he did a great job to stay in front of the field.

Chis also earned to pole with the invert for the feature and once again did a great job leading the pack. With the mix of young drivers and experience the racing is very close and provides constant edge of your seat racing. Derek and Andy battled in the front for a few laps and Derek worked his way to front of the pack from previous week’s winner’s row. Not to be held back he captured the lead and was able to hold off Andy and Derek. Ken Jones, Mick Ellis completed the top five. Rookie Kaitlyn Judy also completed her Rookie rear of the field starts and drove a smooth race to finish sixth. Our other Rookie Michael Rose drove a good race. His first out he was able to complete the race and received praise from fellow drivers as we was able to maintain excellent car control and not have any issue’s.  

Post-race in the pit area was crowded as the scout and race fans were able to mingle with the drivers and racecars. Father’s day was complete and so is another race at Slinger Speedway.

Up next July 3rd for a 4th of July celebrations at the Tomah/Sparta Speedway to see who can be the first winner from the American Super Cup Series at the track. Should be a fun night with fireworks after the racing.

Anyone interested in getting involved with American Super Cup Racing can contact us at our website - Phone - 312-350-5566 or email - We have new and used race cars available for sale. A nightly rental car program is also available.