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Welcome to the American Super Cup Series! 

American Super Cups originally was established way back in 1997 when Ken Jones became interested in racing a vehicle that was affordable, exciting and local.  After exploring many avenues of racing from go karts to full size late model race cars Ken became interested in what was know at that time as Mini Cups/Minature Motorsports.  

These unique ½ scale cars were racing with the Burris Go Karts on Sunday mornings at Lake Geneva Raceway and Joliet Memorial (High school running track).  Ken purchased a new car and started his racing career. Back then we only had 4-6 cars on the track and the day began early in the morning and lasted well into the late afternoon as we received only a few laps because of the small class of cars.   

In 1999 Mick Ellis also purchased a used car and began his racing career. By this time, Ken and Joe Soltis had a vision of moving this ½ scale car to another level.  Ken had purchased a few cars and also became a dealer of the 1/2 scale cars. Joe became the first president of what was known as Central States Region Racing Club, Ken was treasurer and Mick was secretary.

Back then, we were members of the Miniature Motorsports national organization and had little to no support.  The national series made a few appearances at Rockford Speedway with our series.  We hosted the race, Miniature Motorsports ran the show. We were promised more support and better payouts but at the time they were having issues within their own management and promises were made and broken. They went into reorganization.  At that time, the decision was made to take the control of the series from a Sunday go cart all day event to a Saturday Night Race Show. 

Joe and Ken and Mick developed relationships with Lake Geneva Raceway and Rockford Speedway and the series began to develop larger car counts and became quite a crowd pleaser over the years. As the series evolved they wanted to support other drivers that were traveling many miles to make our series grow and we started to expand where we raced. We were then able to take our traveling racing show to over twenty paved short tracks in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa and Michigan over the years. Additionally some of our drivers were now making trips to other parts of the country to race and we had developed into a well known northern series with secure roots in the Midwest .

Over the years our primary group of drivers has changed. As we approach our 20th year we have raced with over 200 different drivers since our development back in 1997. We have had drivers from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado and Michigan race with our series as members of our club.  Now, many have of these drivers developed their own clubs and race closer to home. 

Joe Soltis retired in 2002 to spend time with his family, Ken retired in 2023. Only Mick still remains from the inception.  (Although Joe and Ken still to this day consults our series) The name has changed many times over the past 24 years but the goal is the same for the 2024 season.  Put on a great show for the racing fans that support this series, have fun racing the cars and learn how to become better race car drivers.  Always strive to continue to provide a great racing atmosphere that includes, affordable, exciting and fun racing. 

In 2010 we have made the decision to take Super Cup racing in the Midwest to another higher level by creating the American Super Cup Racing Series.  Once again we have established a team of experienced individuals to take us into the next years racing that far exceeds any other racing clubs.  

Over the years many different individuals have contributed greatly to the successes of this organization. We have had a few different club names, leaders and participants that have moved us to the next level. Every year we take a step in a new direction with old club roots 

In 2024 we are celebrating 25 Years of organized Super Cup Racing.  In those 25 years we have raced at over 25 race tracks all over the Midwest.  Over 200 drivers have registered and raced over that same time period. Many drivers have moved onto the next levels of racing.  Some have made the jump to NASCAR in some capacity. Some have become local short track heroes and still race.  We also have drivers that have had children and now their children race with us.  The theme still continues to this day - Get out of the stands and get in a car.   

Local Support

Ultimate Motorsports purchased many dealers of Miniature motorsports parts and manufacturing companies over his history of super cup racing. Located in Lombard Illinois Ultimate is still the authorized and National Supplier to Miniature Motorsports and to the American Super Cup Racing Series. In 2019 Ultimate Motorsports has become the only authorized manufacturer of Chassis for super cups - all others have closed their doors.   Ultimate is able to provide any and all race parts and services to keep the race cars on the track.  From a new tube chassis to a complete car, from a crashed or outdated car he can get you back on the track.  If you need a plate legal chassis, seal on a motor or authorized repair work completed Ultimate Motorsports is the place. Although the business is relatively small Ultimate is able to offer affordable parts and services to a national series and local drivers.  Many others have offered fancy showrooms and glitzy proposals but in the end you pay for there business.  Ultimate keeps cost down and passes those savings onto the drivers.  Ultimate close down officially in 2023 leaving a void in chassis building and parts.   New information of supplier coming soon.

Our Future on the track 

We will continue to exhibit the best Super Cup Racing in the Midwest .  Our drivers are held to high standards both on and off the track. We provide a safe, affordable and fun racing atmosphere.  We strive to keep all cars on a level playing field by adhering to the rules set forth by the organization of drivers. Our series also offers exciting double file restarts and inverted fields to keep the racing even more competitive.

Off the track

Our traveling series is one of the only to promote at levels that far exceed most home race track series promotional activities.  We are constantly promoting throughout the year in some form.  We promote Super Cup Racing, Race tracks, Series Sponsors, Drivers Sponsors and Drivers.  Our drivers are well known for setting up at schools, shopping mall’s, parades, business’s, fund raising events and where ever possible. 

Because of our actions on and off the track we have been able to develop relationships with tracks, drivers and sponsors to assist in growing this series. Our commitment level to this sport has made us well respected and great value for all.     


With all the current economic conditions and based on the choice that drivers have made in regards to racing we are proud to introduce our 2024 driver lineup so far that will be racing the season. Our drivers account for many Super Cup Racing  Series Championships, National Short Track Champion, Small Car National Champion, numerous feature and heat race wins, top race qualifiers, Rookie of the Year winners, super cup racings longest driver racing tenure, founding members of Central States Region Super Cup Racing and most of all drivers that love to have fun and race.

We encourage all to become a part in some form of this series. Fans, drivers, sponsors, tracks are all welcome to participate and join in the sport of Super Cup Racing – The American Way 

American Super Cup Racing welcomes you to the 2024 season.

Car Specifications:
•  Honda GX390 
•  4 Stroke, OHV Single Cylinder 
   390cc sealed motor
•  Air Cooled 
•  Electric Start 
•  Dry Centrifugal Clutch 
•  Split Gears 
•  Hand Laid Fiberglass Body 
•  Lexan Windshield 
•  Chassis: 1.125 X .065 Mild Steel 
•  MIG Welded 
•  Upper & Lower Control Arms 
•  Movable Pedals 
•  Camber, Caster, Toe Adjustment 
•  Rack & Pinion Steering 
•  Adjustable Coil Over Shocks 
•  Adjustable Rear Suspension 
•  8 x 6.5 Polished Aluminum Wheels 
•  15 x 7 x 8 Racing Slicks 
•  Five Point Racing Harness 
•  Dual Caliper Disc Brake 
•  Quick Release Steering Wheel 
•  Aluminum Seat 
•  Wheelbase 60 Inches 
•  Width 45 Inches 
•  Overall Length 110 Inches 
•  Overall Height 32 Inches 
•  Approximate Weight 410 lbs. 
•  Body Types: Impala, Camry, Fusion, and Charger 

You don't have to be a gearhead to race a Super Cup, just a desire to go fast and have fun. 

Our drivers include police officers, business owners, contractors, managers, students, auto mechanics and many other forms of employment.  Our Driver come from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Drivers are aged 10 years old and up. 

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DISCLAIMER:  The American Super Cup Racing Series would like to inform all Tracks, Drivers, Sponsors and Fans that there is only one American Super Cup Racing Series in the Midwest. The ASCS prides itself on the most competitive racing, large car counts, clean, fun and the safest Super Cup racing.   
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