You don't have to be a gearhead to race a Super Cup, just a desire to go fast and have fun. 

Our drivers include police officers, business owners, contractors, managers, students, and auto mechanics from Illinois, Michigan, Indiana Iowa and Wisconsin.

Drivers are aged 10 years old and up. 

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2023 Drivers
01 Michael Rose
2023 - 9th season
12 Joel Schulz 
2023 - 12th Season
  3 Ken Jones
 5 time Champion
Tech Director
Brian Baldyga
3 time Champion 

 Chane Davis
2023 - 2nd Season

12 Halley Hoffman
2022 - 3rd Season
31 Mick Ellis
2023 - 24th Season
2 Del Schuler
2022 - 5th Season
81 Trevor Raskie 2023 - 3rd Season
​98 Matt Rose
2023 - 7th Season
Name:                        American Super Cup Racing Series

Current Age:              Ages 10 and Up

Been Super/Mini Cups racing since:      1999 

Past Racing:               Drivers come from all forms - Karts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, 
                                    late models, drag racers etc...   Many drivers are new to racing and
                                    have no experience and just want to learn  - No better value to learn
                                    about racing!

Currently race:            Avenger, N/C Chassis  

Years that you drove Super Cup:     1999 to 2023

Favorite Super Cup track:    Having raced at over 20 tracks in the Midwest they are all a
                                              blast.  2023 we will be at Rockford Speedway, 
                                              Dells Raceway Park, Slinger Speedway, LaCrosse and 
                                              Tomah Sparta Raceway.  Flat Tracks to High Banks 1/4 mile                                               paved ovals.

Favorite driver or drivers:    Having raced with well over 250 drivers over the past 24 years.  Many drivers have spent one year to many years racing these awesome cars.  Drivers have reached the NASCAR level in one form or another.  

Achievements in racing: Go Kart racing on Sundays to Featured Racing on Saturday Nights on tracks across the midwest!

Current Sponsors:     Series sponsors, Individual Sponsors, Parents, Grandparents, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncle's, Friends - Enjoy the sport - Become involved - Drivers and the series are always looking for racing partners.  

Most proud moment of Super Cup Racing:   So Many!! Watching all the Drivers compete every weekend and having fun. Watching the fans stand on their feet when we roll onto the track.   Meeting fans and sponsors after the race.  Meeting back up with drivers that are now grown and still involved in racing or just came back to say Hi!

Goal in racing:  Have fun, race hard, make friends, make memories, learn, and continue to move up the ladder in racing or enjoy this level.

In my spare time I like to:  Enjoy family time, play sports, work on my racecar.  Racing as in all things in life is a balance.  Enjoy racing - enjoy life!

54 Tom Smith
2023 - 4th Season
David Cerer
2022-15th Season
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16 Max Labak
2023 - 3rd Season 
24 Parker Lindemann
2023 - 3rd Season
25 Carter Wiess
2023 - 3rd Season
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97 Sean Eurick
2021-22 ASCS Champion
2023 - 5th Season
23 Rylee Baaske
2023 - 3rd Season
​40 Landon Hocking
2023 - 2nd Season
​2x Carter Appleton
2023 - 3rd Season
2m  Alyssa Metallo
2023 - Rookie
10 Rob Baaske
2023 - 4th Season
21 John Otradovec
2023 - 4th Season
​3 Caden Baaske
2023 - 3rd Season
5 Kevin Langencker
2023 3rd Season
​41 Brandyn Wind 
2023 - 3rd Season
53 Nathan Feary
2023 - 3rd Season
New Rookie #
​TBA - That's you!!
New Rookie #
​TBA - That's you!!
New Rookie #
​TBA - That's you!!
6 Giovanni Sallee
2023 Rookie

27 Autumn Rendina
2023 - 2nd Season
15  JoJo Fadke
2023 - 2nd Season

11 Addyson Rettler
2023 Rookie

11 Makenna Rettler
2023 Rookie

60  Lindsey Herwald
2023 Rookie