Age: 44
Occupation: Mechanic
Hometown: Huntley, IL
Team: Davis Racing
Sponsors: BR Davis Trucking

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"My goal is to be more competitive and improve from last year to use last years experience as a building block for the future."

Driver Profile - Greg Davis

Current Age:              44

Been Super/Mini Cups racing since:      2011 

Past Racing:               Super WP Cars

Currently race:            

Years that you drove Super Cup:     2011 to 2016

Favorite Super Cup track:   Dells Raceway Park, Big Fast Track - Super Nice Facility

Favorite driver or drivers:    #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Like his style of racing

Achievements in racing: Transition from a nervous rookie to a fairly competitive driver

Current Sponsors:     Team ASE & BR Davis Trucking

Most proud moment of Super Cup Racing:   Racing for nearly 5 years and being respected on the racetrack.

Goal in racing:  Run Consistent every week, WIn Races and have fun

In my spare time I like to: Participate in scout events with my kids. Be with family and friends